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Jeff & Rachel Moore

With an entertaining spirit and desire to serve others, we have always had an interest in friends and family focused entertainment – whether it be a backyard barbecue, “s’mores with the Moore’s” or an impromptu friends outing. While on vacation in 2021, we went axe-throwing for the first time and loved the experience. Rachel was a natural with a “first-throw bullseye!” And, as one who doesn’t consider herself athletic, she immediately saw the potential entertainment value for a broad spectrum of people. With his entrepreneurial spirit, Jeff saw it as the perfect opportunity to consider creating a “Framily” entertainment venue in our local area.

During our search for the perfect location, we both fell in love with the Vint Hill area in Fauquier County. The area’s small town feel reminded us of our roots in rural West Virginia and Pennsylvania and the sense of community and mutual support among area businesses was unmatched.

Paired perfectly with Rachel’s heart to serve and Jeff’s vision for a place where everyone would feel a sense of belonging, we began further defining the purpose of Heroic Axe.

Serving others was a core consideration in the genesis of “Heroic Axe” – an intentional play on words that we take quite seriously. We believe that it is important to not only provide an exceptional guest experience but also to give back to our community, our country and all who continue to serve, defend and protect us. With this mission in mind, we partner with organizations who provide our military veterans, firefighters, police and medical providers with the support that they and their families need.

With that philanthropic mission in mind, the guest experience that we wish to create at Heroic Axe is nothing short of exceptional. Whether it be a date night, fun with friends, family outing, group party or team-building event, we have added Interactive Targets and Anti-Bounce Target Borders to make the experience fun, safe and enjoyable.

We look forward to meeting you.


Jeff & Rachel

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